This page records a selection of previous KAN events – there have been many more!

The broad purpose of these events has been to provide inspiration, topics of conversation that enhance wellbeing and cohesion around shared positive aims within the community.

6TH December 2017 in the Space

with Patrick Holden, director of the Sustainable Food Trust, and Ped Asgarian from the local Community Farm at Chew Magna

This event was a collaboration between Live Simply and Transition Keynsham. It followed the Live Simply tradition by presenting an international speaker alongside and a local practitioner, both organic farmers.

From Jim Parry – Chair of Live Simply:  The evening was summarised by what we can do as individuals to make a difference. We can buy our food locally that was grown locally – even when buying from a supermarket.

After the talks, suppliers from in and around Keynsham laid on food for everyone. Many thanks to G&D Free, Somerset Local Foods Direct, Fresh Range and Temple Street Canteen, Chew Valley Community Farm and to the local Fairtrade Group for wine and soft drinks.

























  Kind Keynsham launch event on Monday 24th April 2017

This event marked the beginning of KAN’s Kind Keynsham programme.

It was held in Somerdale Pavilion on the site of the old Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory and was spectacularly successful. The theme of kindness inspired the people to rise to the occasion. It was even reported on BBC TV’s ‘Points West’ and attended by the Chair of the Council, Councillor Alan Hale. View the brief film below (directed, produced and edited by Cameron Rawson whilst a student a Bath Spa University).


The Rawles and Poole 1st July 2016

Two extraordinary women brought their stories about how to save the world from the genius and foolishness of the human. Both are concerned with ….

What Lies Beneath? Root causes and bold solutions for today’s environmental and economic challenges

Eve Poole has worked for the Church of England and Deloitte! She has a PhD in Capitalism and Theology from Cambridge University.

Kate Rawles is an action woman! She does ‘Outdoor Philosophy. In 2006 she completed a long distance cycle ride from Texas to Alaska. In 2014 she was ‘mission leader’ with Pangaea Exploration from the UK to the Azores and Lanzarote focusing on ocean plastic pollution


Butterflies-Voice Choir on Wednesday 1st July 2015

Choir Live Performance directed by Charlie Groves  …… and the Premiere of Documentary Film “The Story of Butterflies-Voice” directed by Bath Spa University student, Tilly Karabina.

This choir was created through a collaboration between KAN,  ‘Butterflies Haven’ (a day centre for families affected by the autism spectrum) and Bath Spa University. A small group of students created the documentary film linked below. The climax was a packed gala concert in The Space in the new Keynsham Civic Centre as part of the 2015 Keynsham Music Festival. The project was shortlisted for the Arts and Health South West Prize 2016.



Alastair McIntosh speaks 4th July 2014

As part of the Live Simply series of events in the Keynsham Music Festival main tent, the renowned social activist, author, campaigner and Quaker, Alastair McIntosh spoke on Rekindling Community. For more on this event, including videos, go to the post:  Everything you are is community.


Events in 2013 – the Live Simply series

Here is a history of some of our previous events, especially the Live Simply series including the talk by Satish Kumar at the Keynsham Music Festival July 2013.

Here is what the Live Simply Project is about:

We are stuck in a vicious cycle of over-consumption and dependence on economic growth. This is unsustainable and is making us ill. How did we get like this?
We are resourceful animals: resilient, adaptable, cooperative and artistic; but also violent, competitive, brutal, greedy and jealous. Above all though, we are clever. We are, in fact, a freak of nature. For more click here.

Jason Drew event details flyer4
This talk was the first event hosted by the Live Simply Project co-hosted with Bath Literature Festival. Here we heard how a seriously imaginative entrepreneur can solve some of the world’s food problems by breeding flies!
Mike Feingold flyer(2)
Mike Feingold is a local patriarch of Permaculture. This was a well-attended, fascinating and entertaining event















The amazing Steve Glover standing next to his beautiful bowl of salad. Steve is founder of The Severn Project – a commercial horticulture business and rehabilitation programme for people with mental health and substance dependence problems. Photo taken at the Live Simply Barbecue on 18th July 2013
We showed this scary film at Community@67 on 13th June 2013 as part of Live Simply programme. It tells the inside story of the 2008 financial crash. A sobering picture.


Satish Kumar 5July13 IMG_0022
The incomparable Satish Kumar in the Big Tent of Keynsham Music Festival on 5th July 2013. This was the first large ticketed event put on by Live Simply. Nearly 300 people packed into the space to see the great man – with the fitting backdrop of trees casting their shadows across the tent. We learnt a great deal, not only from Satish, but from putting on this big event.


Chris Preist flyer Sept 2013(c8)
Ecologist and academic from Bristol University provided a fitting finale to the Live Simply series of events themed on the environment. His brief was to talk about how we can all help to steer our communities in a more sustainable direction. A packed room of local people at St Dunstans listened with rapt attention to his wisdom.